Home Maintenance Preparation Tips for New Homeowners

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2015-12-04 15:23:32

You just purchased the home of your dreams. Now what?

Preparing for home maintenance issues that may arise in the future is a smart next step.

Freddie Mac shares the following tips for preparing for home maintenance issues:

  • Set aside time and money. You will need money for regular maintenance upkeep such as lawn care.
  • Plan ahead for major purchases and home improvements. If you know parts of your home will require replacement in a few years, start saving money for those items now.
  • Take periodic inventory of your home’s appliances, roof, decks, etc. Become familiar with the length of warranties and manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement.
  • Ensure your insurance is active and current. In the case of serious damage or a disaster, you will have the protection you need if you ensure your insurance is adequate.

These tips will also be helpful to you as you seek assistance for maintenance issues that require professional help. 

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