Report Shows Strong Gains across Texas Housing Market in 2015

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2016-01-08 13:10:23

Need another reason to love Texas? How about the strong housing market?

According to a report from the Texas Association of Realtors, Texas was the No. 2 state for gains in out-of-state residents, with more than 538,000 Americans relocating to Texas as a result of the state’s business-friendly environment and strong job growth.

The two strongest segments of the Texas housing market were luxury home sales and small land sales. Condo and townhome sales across the state remained strong and consistent from the previous year.

Home sales and prices rose at a consistent pace over the year and strong housing development caused inventory to rise 4.0 months in the 3rd quarter of the year, the highest level for housing inventory in two years.

With the demand for Texas real estate at an all-time high, Teas continued to outpace the nation in market growth.

To read the entire report, view the 2015 Texas Annual Housing Report.

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