Richard Woodward: Facebook Secrets for Agent Success

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2017-03-01 07:52:44

"I was very honored to host over 40 realtors at our Service First Mortgage corporate office training room to teach a continuing education class for Realtors. We had a great turnout for the class which was entitled Facebook Secrets for Agent Success. This class is a basic Facebook class for realtors. It teaches Realtors the fundamentals of why and how to use Facebook as a tool for marketing. Facebook is exceptionally well positioned as a marketing tool for real estate because of the demand from the general population for information about real estate. Realtors that attended were also given the opportunity to join my mastermind group for marketing success.

Next month, I will be teaching a continuing education class called the Power of Video Marketing. This is also a one hour continuing education class for Realtors. If you are on social media, and over 1.7 billion of us are, you would probably notice the trend towards video in the posts you are seeing in your feed. While video is the preferred method for many people on social media to obtain their information, often times people find it difficult to produce videos in their business. This class will give Realtors and small business owners the basics they need to understand the importance of video and how to effectively use it to increase their business.

I have been a student of marketing for many years and I truly enjoy teaching classes.  As a licensed instructor with Performance School of Real Estate it enables me to impart this knowledge to the real estate community in the form of continuing education classes. I'm looking forward to hosting a class every month for the remainder of the year." 




Missed the event? Want to learn more about the "Facebook Secrets for Agent Success"? Contact Richard Woodward today to learn more about Facebook's marketing techniques.


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