Texas Cities Rank in Top 5 Largest Starter Homes

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2016-08-24 08:57:17

As you search for your first home you may wonder where in the country you can get the most for your money. According to new data released by Trulia, it’s time to consider Texas.

Texas cities Austin and Houston rank in the Top 5 metro areas across the country for largest starter homes available for first-time homebuyers, with the median square footage of starter homes at 1,428 and 1,320 respectively. Atlanta, Newark, and Montgomery, PA rounded out the top 5.

Houston also ranks first as the metro area with the largest move up homes, with a median square footage of 1,997. Dallas ranks third in the same category, with a median square footage of 1,900.

Of the 10 markets with the largest starter homes, five are in Texas.

So if you’re interested in the most space for your money, you may want to consider moving south. To view the full list, visit Trulia.com.

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