Texas Dominates Top 10 Rental Markets for Real Estate Investors

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2015-10-07 15:20:53

Although the inventory of foreclosed homes is shrinking, opportunities for real estate investment abound, especially in the Lone Star State.

According to a recent report released by HomeVestors and the Local Market Monitor, Texas cities including Dallas (#2), Houston (#3), Austin (#4) and San Antonio (#7) dominate the top 10 list of the best markets for real estate investors.

The criteria for the top 10 selection includes:

  • The population has been growing at above-average rates (4% or better) with growth coming from people moving there in search of jobs
  • The current rate of job growth of 2% or better
  • There is low unemployment, so that new jobs will be filled by people who move there, not by unemployed people who are already there
  • Additionally, markets that have a small population because they don’t have stable economies were excluded 

To view the entire list and read more about the report, see the related press release.

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